Sunday, October 21, 2012

they see anger
cause I pushed it down on them 
curling in disgust as the rustbloodrustred rushes
through them escaping
after time after time after everything
their sacred home in my
beating breathing

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Ugly Step Sister

this is the only way you’ll get out get out the knife not serrated but the one that can slice clean through white when you finish sharpening and after you disinfect with the same rum you will pour down your throat when you’re getting ready to do it don’t forget the leather belt between your clenched teeth so they don’t hear you scream now that one by one they’re being collected by Kitty so there’s no need for you to clean up afterwards destroy the evidence this is the only way you’ll get away this is the only way you’ll get away this is the only way you’ll get away this is the only way you’ll get away until the birdie sings.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Ana

It’s growling,
protesting behind quavering skin
dull yellow, black and blue
from misuse
constant abuse
needing it craving
sunken in ribs showcasing what you
don’t have because
I don't want you to
as snakes run down your back
like drops of sweat under
eternal arrays of blankets
too heavy but too thin
as they still let in
the cold of the summer
air conditioning
but did you fall yesterday?
I caught you and
lessened the chances of you
fucking up what I've worked for
lining your room with lie detectors,
that can tell me that you’ve cheated
causing the death of parts of your human
and every day I say I love you
is another day you fight to survive.


devoured me
touching with sterile fingers
on tainted skin
and white coats filled with children's memories
that don’t loosen
don’t loosen

let the soothing whispers hold my hair back
let the soothing whispers soothing

drag their nails across my eyes.

the white throne is in front of me and

they spill out and

breathe and

it spills onto the linoleum beneath me
finally leaving me


you’re beyond the stretch of your failing fingertips even though the soul’s want gazes up through the links that enslave you that rip you that bind your stories to your mind that bind them so tight they can’t escape through your lips and no one knows you have nothing anymore but your nightly company turning daily and didn’t your dad say he didn’t want you in bad company but this isn’t what he meant so leave it be and let you do because here you are nursing bit by bit the rusted skeletons that are the only things that can flee through the bars that keep your heart from caving in onto itself and bleeding from the depths of the arms that you believe will loosen their hold only if you explore their contents over
and over
and over
and over
and oh

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen

I saw a sunflower bend over to catch a falling tangerine that someone had thrown up to the sky
and she took the opportunity to kiss him full force with nothing to hide so that the entire world had to see the shining light the kiss produced. And suddenly without a sign the sky poured out her heart, the love she had felt too much to keep inside while blood dripped down among the bruised clouds that hung low to cover her secrets. And she was ripped apart and devoured from the inside out, her soul spilling into the ocean below.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The stars are in disarray tonight
because when you looked at them you
sighing at their beauty,
and they lost their once secure place,
blown away by the sweetness of your breath.

It was then that I saw the glimmer
of one ignored by his brothers and sisters
as he fell
struggling to catch hold of the velcro plastered on the walls behind him and
as he fell
behind towering mountains, cowering in fear as the hard ground drew nearer,
he saw the frozen bodies of long forgotten flickers.